NARETOI SAAEN (Is a Samburu Word that Means Women Empowering Women) It is a network of women from Samburu, Turkana, Narok, Kajiado and Machakos Counties founded by OWLI Africa and its Partners. NARETOI is a project that brings together women community leaders, donors and volunteers from multiple sectors to work closely with Women in basketry, weaving and beading sector in socio economic empowerment activities. The purpose of the NARETOI SAEN Women Empowerment program is to set up a resource centre in each county and provide necessary resources that will enable Women in Weaving, Basketry and Beading sector, access international market in USA for their products through capacity building, trainings, membership, access to digital technology and resources to explore wider market.


A Community Resource Centre (CRC), also known as a Community Resource Hub or Center, is a physical or virtual space that serves as a central point for community members to access various resources and services. These centers are typically established to support and empower local communities by providing information, assistance, and resources in areas such as education, healthcare, social services, employment and more.


build both leadership and technical skills that support the women’s work, in addition, offer mentor support and opportunities for women to build their professional network. The tasks will include, creating digital product profiles, set up digital merchant account for each member, integrations of mobile payments, create digital online store, design exhibition booth, document members digital profiles and automate product design, production, processing and orders


innovative program that seek to provide quality career guidance for adults at scale. At this stage we use artificial intelligence and a conversational interface to help people overcome career challenges and explore career development opportunities related to digital, data and IT skills. We built a rules-based chatbot (expert system) to ensure quality recommendations, control and interpretability, and are now adding generative AI with strong guardrails. Automated career guidance allows us to reach many people at low cost. This can be enhanced with webinars, counselling, coaching, and/or peer support.