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Community development

Engage in real projects that contribute to our company's goals. We believe in giving our interns responsibilities that matter.This program is based in Owli Africa community programs in Nairobi, and its partners in Mukuru and Kibera slums . The program acquaints students with some of the threats to socio economic challenges in East Africa while exposing them to certain local communities resource centres and interventions that are paving the way to important solutions.

Women Empowerement

Receive guidance from experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Our team is here to support your development every step of the way by working with women from Samburu community to provide technical and administrative support for Naretoi Saen beading program, students will work with Owli Africa to build both leadership and technical skills that support the women’s work, in addition, offer mentor support and opportunities for women to build their professional network. The tasks will include, creating digital product profiles, set up digital merchant account for each member, integrations of mobile payments, create digital online store, design exhibition booth, document members digital profiles and automate product design, production, processing

Online Safety program

Enhance your skills in a dynamic and collaborative work environment. You'll have the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies and tools. We have opportunities for students to volunteer in supporting online safety program and developing children friendly out of classroom activities, create templates that will profile individual children gifts and skills, and create children digital profile to enable paradise children utilize resources to programs and activities that give the most impact.